Harvard Prize Book Award


Attention teachers and principals of high schools in Croatia and those who know them - begin thinking about your third year students. Who are your most talented academically and outside of school? Do you have artists or athletes or community leaders who excel academically, speak English well, and wish to study in the United States? E-mails will be sent to high schools across Croatia with nomination information, or you may download the forms from this website. In the past, winners of the award have come from Rijeka, Pula, Cakovec, Velika Gorica, Sisak, Karlovac and Zagreb. Add your high school to this prestigious list of schools which produce international level scholars.

The Award

The Harvard Prize Book Award was established in 1910 and is awarded each year in high schools all over the United States and the world. This award is not monetary but rather an encouragement for students in their third year of high school to consider applying to Harvard for their university studies. It is sponsored by an alumnus/alumna or by the local Harvard Club and the recipient is chosen from a pool of students recommended by their schools.

The criteria for the Harvard Prize Book Award are as follows: “The Prize Book is awarded to the outstanding student in the next-to-graduating class who displays excellence in scholarship and high character, combined with achievement in other fields.” We are looking for the student who excels in the classroom beyond simple rote memorization, is a good role model to fellow students, speaks English well, and who has a passion outside the classroom. Whether that passion be sports, the arts, or community service is not relevant, but this extracurricular involvement is essential to a successful application to Harvard. Harvard has a very generous financial aid program for foreign students, the highlight of which is that any admitted student whose family income is less than $65,000 US per year attends for free.

Nominations must be submitted by a teacher, principal or guidance counselor (not the student) to Lidija Ortloff at lidija@post.harvard.edu.


The 2021 Harvard Prize Book Award has been postponed due to the worldwide pandemic. Check back in the fall to see when the new nomination deadline will be.