Be an Interviewer...

The Harvard Club of Croatia provides assistance to the Harvard Undergraduate Admissions Office each year by interviewing student applicants for Harvard College from Croatia.  Harvard attempts to interview every applicant, and admissions reports are an important component in each applicant’s file for consideration by the Admissions Committee. Harvard relies on its alumni/ae to conduct most interviews. Anyone who has graduated from Harvard College is qualified to be an interviewer.

A typical interview is held in a convenient public location and lasts about an hour. Alumni interviews give the prospective students a chance to talk to a local member of the Harvard community, and also provide a great way for alumni to stay involved while helping the Admissions Committee.  Reports are submitted online and interviews are conducted between November and January. Interviewers can choose to conduct one or several interviews, depending on their availability. Alumni interviewers find that talking with prospective students is rewarding and stimulating; the talents and dreams of these promising young people are truly remarkable. Conducting interviews offers alumni an opportunity to give back to Harvard by being an ambassador for the College and helping shape the classes of the future.

If you would like to volunteer as an admissions interviewer for the Harvard Club of Croatia, please contact Lidija Ortloff at